The Future of Story Conference Is Approaching! Get On Board

     Finding the right story to tell is the hardest part of being a screenwriter (or any kind of writer). Compared to nailing down the right story, writing it is easy. (That’s easy with BIG QUOTES because nothing about writing is easy).
     But without a story that you’re in love with and passionate about you’re kidding yourself. You’re a boat without a rudder.  When you start writing something that you only like or think you might be able to get into over time, you will drift. As you slog through the first 10 or 15 pages you’ll hope that once you get into it you’ll find something to draw you in.
     But most of the time that doesn’t happen.
     That’s why there are false starts.
     Same with relationships. If you’re a guy your whole approach to romance is defined by how much you’re attracted to the woman. If it’s an instant attraction -- and if it’s mutual --  or if it’s love at first sight you’ll behave in an entirely different way than if you just ask out a woman for the sake of trying to find someone to have dinner with on Saturday night.
     If you find yourself rudderless with the script you’re working on help is available soon. I’ve personally contacted many of you over the last few weeks about The Future of Story Conference on Saturday, August 27th in Los Angeles presented by Michael Wiese Productions and C3: Center For Conscious Creativity.
     Authors of some of the best-selling and most popular books on screenwriting and the film  industry will be there. It’s a one day affair that will give you enough advice and motivation to either finish the script that’s been driving you crazy or start the next one.
     For more information check out this link:

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  1. Good stuff DB... I for sure have more then a few one night stand screenplays. Sadly I think most of them might be good ideas but I am the worst kind of aspiring writer... a lazy worthless one...