I'm Baaaaaa-aaaaacccckkkkk!

     It's been awhile, almost nine months since I last posted.  But I have an excuse. I've been busy and lucky enough to get work. Yes. Work!!!
     It happens.
     I got a writing gig on a new sitcom called Don't Know Jack. When it will air is anyone's guess, but that's how it is in the television business. For example, over the years I've had seven deals. 7. I got the money, but none of them ever made it to the air. Just like most pilots never make it to the air. 
     I also got a rewrite of a screenplay called Dead Is Even. Worked on it, on and off, for five months. The producer hired me because he read a screenplay I wrote eight years ago. He had always liked the script and said he would back pocket it (which means he would always symbolically have it in his back pocket if the occasion ever arose where a studio was looking for something like it. )
     Lo and behold: a script came across his desk, which he optioned and remembered my screenplay and called me because it needed a rewrite.
     It's good to be remembered.
     This kind of thing is pretty much the norm for screenwriters. Not the upper echelon types, but the normal, typical screenwriter. The work comes sporadically until you're connected to a project that gets some buzz and makes some noise and gets made and gets more buzz and noise and suddenly you're a hot screenwriter.
     Anyway, I'm happy to be back in the saddle and I will be posting on a regular basis.
     Oh, by the way, I also published three books during these last nine months.
    Writers Rehab, Never Trust Ann Coulter and my third novel Paris Time (A Time-Travel Novel) that has been selling well.
     Check all of them out or just one.
     See you soon!